Winners of the Harmony Public Library’s Grand Prize Drawing

Adult Winners:
$100 in Harmony Dollars: Cathy Howard
$100 Kwik Trip Gift Card: Kristi Frommelt
Mystery Bag # 1: Megan Rutter
Mystery Bag #2: Bob Peters
Mystery Bag #3: Ann Thacher
Mystery Bag #4: Ruth Livrance
Mystery Bag # 5: Dan Tieffenbacher
2 Red Neck Wine Glasses: Barb Henry
Maglite Flash Light: Lisa Morken
Cookie Press: Joan Michel
Acorn Bird Feeder: Maxine Kingsley
Childrens Winners:
Mystery Bag #1: Avalon Timmerman
Mystery Bag #2: Finnegan Donlan
Soccer Bean Bag: Jaden Webber
Soccer Bean Bag: Cora Mathison
Soccer Bean Bag: Grant Tieskotter
Soccer Bean Bag: Blake Webber
Soccer Bean Bag: Joshua Haugerud
Soccer Bean Bag: Maddox Wolfgram
Soccer Bean Bag: Maggie Dempewolf
Soccer Bean Bag: Ellie Rutter
Soccer Bean Bag: Logan Fairs
Soccer Bean Bag: Bailey Pfremmer
Soccer Bean Bag: Ava Frommelt
Soccer Bean Bag: Henry Liew
Bouncing Putty: Ginny Randa
Bouncing Putty: Shelby Hanson
Bouncing Putty: Liliana Dempewolf
Bouncing Putty: Landon Mathison
Bouncing Putty: Leah Garbisch
Bouncing Putty: Adeline Miner
Bouncing Putty: Skyler Frye
Bouncing Putty: Jersey Ristau
Bouncing Putty: Brenton Gunderson
Bouncing Putty: Gabriel Haugerud
Bouncing Putty: Oliver Kling-Punt
Bouncing Putty: Caleb Barth
Astro Sound Ball: Keira Whitehill
Sound Square Box: Lucas Roenfranz
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