Summer Reading Program

Tails and Tales 
2021 Summer Reading Program Time Is Here! 
We will be doing bags that you pick up again, but this year you can come whenever the Library’s open and grab your bags (see the schedule below)! This year is all about Tails and Tales, do you get the pun 🙂 Sponsor by: JEM  Theatre, Niagara Cave, BReaKeRs and Kwik Trip.

 Monday- 10:00 am – 6:00pm 
Tuesday & Thursday~ 2:00-8:00pm 
Wednesday & Friday, 10:00am-6:00 pm
 Sunday~ CLOSED 
Ways to Sign Up        Harmony Library  PO Box 488 225 3rd Ave. SW   Harmony, Mn 55939             You can also call the library at:   507-886-8133 and tell them you’re  interested in the summer reading program! 
OR you can email khimlie@selco.ifo       
Tails and Tales will start on JUNE 7th 2021and end on JULY 9th (5 weeks in total).
Come in whenever  the library is open during these weeks and pick up your bags!