New Author, James Rains Coming to the Harmony Public Library!

James RainJames Rain, author of an Apocalyptic Bio-Medical thriller, “Afognak” will be at the Harmony Public Library on Saturday, July 25th, 2015 at 10:00am.

James Rains tells the story of Kodiak, Alaska, and the dark secret it  has been harboring for centuries in his new book, Afognak:

Minneapolis, MN — Run.  Fight.  Die.  Those are  your options.  In James Rains new thriller, Afognak the town of Kodiak, Alaska, is under attack from an unknown and deadly force.  The citizens must decide on a plan of attack to survive.  Rains writing style will mesmerize the reader while his research will make them want to discover more about Alaska and its fascinating history.

“This book is fun and the reader will invest in the characters because they come from all different walks of life, but everyone can relate to them,” said Rains.afognak

Readers are loving this unique story.

“If you’re a fan of zombie or biomedical thrillers, then you have to check this book out,” said Amazon reviewer Terrence Longbrake.

About James Rains:

James Rains is an avid storyteller.  For almost two decades he has been writing and telling stories that captivate audiences of all ages.  Rains has a love of knowledge and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in religion, a Master’s Degree in education, and an Education Specialist Degree.  He works in education and he spends his free time writing and reading and hanging out with his wife, Sarah and their dog, Horace.  Afognak is his first book.


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