>How To Identify If A Resource Is Available From The SELCO Library System And How To Request That It Be Sent To The Harmony Library

>1. Go to the SELCO web site (http://www.selco.info/).
You can also reach this site from the Harmony Library web site by clicking on the SELCO link (Member of the “Selco Regional Library System”).

2. Select the IPAC icon. This will take you to the SELCO Regional Catalog login page.

3. Under “Select your library:” Use the dropdown menu to select Harmony Public Library and select the “go” button.

4. If your resource is:

a. on a particular topic, enter the subject matter into the empty fill box and click the “go” button.
b. by a particular author, change the “keyword” dropdown box to “author” and then enter the author’s name in the empty fill box and click the “go” button.
c. with a particular title, change the “keyword” dropdown box to “title” and then enter the title’s name in the empty fill box and click the “go” button.

5. The results will be listed on the next web page. You can list the results by publication date, author or title in the “sort by” dropdown box. You can also limit the search by the type of resource it is, for example:
Limit by ebook
Large Print
Book on Tape
Book on CD
Audio Tape

Once you have made your sort and limitation selection, click the “go” button.

6. Once you have found the item you want, you can request that this item be reserved for you (just click on the “Request Item” button).

7. You will then be taken to the login screen. You will be asked for the bar code that is on the back of your library card and your pin number. Your pin number is assigned by the librarian. It is normally the last four digits of your phone number.

8. The item you selected will come up on the next web page. If you want this item, click the “submit” button.

If Harmony has the item you can pick it up immediately. If another library has the item, the item will be sent to the Harmony Library. When the item arrives, the Harmony librarian will call you.

9. If you want several items click the “Add to My List” button. Once you have selected all the items you want, you can go to the button at the top of the page to the right and see your entire list. You can then request the item from this screen.

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