Here’s the Lastest Additions to the Harmony Public Library

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Christian Fiction:

  1. Maid to match                                          Gist, Deanne
  2. Vanish in plain sight                                 Perry, Marta

General Fiction:

  1. The dressmaker : a novel                        Alcott, Kate
  2. A matter of class                                      Balogh, Mary
  3. Dark angel ; Lord Carew’s bride               Balogh, Mary
  4. More than a mistress ; and, No man’s mistress         Balogh, Mary
  5. Simply magic                                           Balogh, Mary
  6. Slightly married                                        Balogh, Mary
  7. Slightly scandalous                                  Balogh, Mary
  8. Slightly wicked                                         Balogh, Mary
  9. The famous heroine ; The plumed bonnet     Balogh, Mary
  10. The temporary wife ; A promise of spring      Balogh, Mary
  11. The shadow patrol                                   Berenson, Alex
  12. Summer and the city : a Carrie diaries novel Bushnell, Candace
  13. Sonoma Rose : an Elm Creek quilts novel      Chiaverini, Jennifer
  14. Sea of fire                                                Rovin, Jeff / Clancy, Tom
  15. Death of kings : a novel                           Cornwell, Bernard
  16. The house I loved                                    Rosney, Tatiana de
  17. Play it as it lays : a novel.                         Didion, Joan
  18. Pineapple grenade                                   Dorsey, Tim
  19. Extremely loud & incredibly close            Foer, Jonathon Safron
  20. Home front                                              Hannah, Kristin
  21. The snow child : a novel                          Ivey, Eowyn
  22. The orphan master’s son : a novel          Johnson, Adam
  23. I’ve got your number : a novel                Kinsella, Sophie
  24. Shopaholic ties the knot                          Kinsella, Sophie
  25. Fairy tale weddings                                  Macomber, Debbie
  26. Hearts divided                                          Macomber, Debbie
  27. Learning to love                                       Macomber, Debbie
  28. One night                                                 Macomber, Debbie
  29. You– again                                               Macomber, Debbie
  30. Deadline                                                   Michaels, Fern
  31. The real mother                                       Michael, Judith
  32. The tiger’s wife : a novel                          Obreht, Tia
  33. The cat’s table                                         Ondaatje, Michael
  34. Lone wolf : a novel                                   Piccoult, Jodi
  35. Summer of roses                                     Rice, Luanne
  36. Birthright                                                  Roberts, Nora
  37. Cordina’s royal family : Bennett & Camilla       Roberts, Nora
  38. Cordina’s royal family : Gabriella & Alexander Roberts, Nora
  39. Dangerous                                               Roberts, Nora
  40. Divine evil                                                Roberts, Nora
  41. Dream makers                                         Roberts, Nora
  42. Going home                                             Roberts, Nora
  43. Inner harbor                                            Roberts, Nora
  44. Night tales : Night shield, night moves    Roberts, Nora
  45. Night tales : Night shift ; Night shadow    Roberts, Nora
  46. Night tales : Nightshade ; Night smoke   Roberts, Nora
  47. Northern lights                                         Roberts, Nora
  48. Red Lily                                                    Roberts, Nora
  49. Reunion                                                   Roberts, Nora
  50. Rising tides                                              Roberts, Nora
  51. Sea swept                                                Roberts, Nora
  52. Spellbound                                               Roberts, Nora
  53. Valley of silence                                       Roberts, Nora
  54. Winner takes all                                       Roberts, Nora
  55. Swamplandia!                                          Russell, Karen
  56. Next of kin                                               Sala, Sharon
  57. Rider on fire                                             Sala, Sharon
  58. Betrayal : a novel                                     Steel, Danielle
  59. The family business                                 Weber, Carl
  60. D.C. dead                                                 Woods, Stuart


  1. The rope                                                  Barr, Nevada
  2. Agony of the leaves                                 Childs, Laura
  3. Blood orange brewing                              Childs, Laura
  4. Chamomile mourning                              Childs, Laura
  5. Death by Darjeeling                                 Childs, Laura
  6. Dragonwell dead : tea shop mystery #8  Childs, Laura
  7. Gunpowder green                                    Childs, Laura
  8. Oolong dead                                            Childs, Laura
  9. Scones & bones                                       Childs, Laura
  10. Shades of Earl Grey                                  Childs, Laura
  11. The English breakfast murder                  Childs, Laura
  12. The jasmine moon murder                      Childs, Laura
  13. The teaberry strangler                             Childs, Laura
  14. Red mist                                                  Cornwell, Patricia Daniels
  15. Taken                                                       Crais, Robert
  16. Cinnamon roll murder                              Fluke, Joanne
  17. Believing the lie                                       George, Elizabeth
  18. Left for dead : a novel                              Jance, J. A.
  19. Defending Jacob : a novel                        Landay, William


  1. Tempting evil : a novel of suspense        Brennen, Allison
  2. Third degree                                            Iles, Greg
  3. Foreign influence : a thriller                     Thor, Brad
  4. Kill shot : an American assassin thriller    Flynn, Vince
  5. Down the darkest road                            Hoag, Tami
  6. Victims : an Alex Delaware novel             Kellerman, Jonathan
  7. 77 Shadow Street : a novel                      Koontz, Dean
  8. Relentless : a novel                                 Koontz, Dean
  9. 10th anniversary                                      Patterson, James
  10. Private : #1 suspect : a novel                  Patterson, James
  11. Private games                                          Patterson, James
  12. All necessary force : a Pike Logan thriller Taylor, Brad
  13. One rough man                                        Taylor, Brad

Large Print Christian Fiction:

  1. A wedding quilt for Ella                             Eicher, Jerry S.
  2. Ella finds love again                                  Eicher, Jerry S.
  3. Ella’s wish                                                Eicher, Jerry S.

Large Print General Fiction:

  1. I heard that song before                          Clark, Mary Higgins
  2. Locked on                                                Clancy, Tom
  3. The thief : an Isaac Bell adventure           Cussler, Clive
  4. MacCallister :  the eagles legacy              Johnstone, William W.
  5. Copper Beach                                          Krentz, Jayne Ann
  6. Celebrity in death                                     Robb, J.D.
  7. Sleepwalker                                             Robards, Karen
  8. Betrayal                                                    Steel, Danielle

Large Print Mystery:

  1. Stay close                                                Coben, Harlan
  2. Taken                                                       Crais, Robert
  3. Death comes to Pemberley                     James, P. D.

Large Print Suspense/Thriller:

  1. Micro                                                        Crichton, Michael
  2. Catch me                                                 Gardner, Lisa
  3. The blue zone                                          Gross, Andrew
  4. A devil is waiting                                      Higgins, Jack

Large Print Biography:

  1. Steve Jobs                                               Isaacson, Walter


  1. Who killed my daughter?                         Duncan, Lois
  2. Living with your exchange student          Cherington, Ina
  3. Mayo Clinic healthy weight for everybody       Hensrud, Donald D.
  4. The geography of bliss : one grump’s search for the happiest places in the world    Weiner, Eric
  5. Multiple blessings : surviving to thriving with twins and sextuplets    Gosselin, Jon
  6. Jack Kennedy : elusive hero                    Matthews,Christopher
  7. Falling leaves : the true story of an unwanted Chinese daughter       Mah, Adeline Yen


  1. The shadow patrol                                   Berenson, Alex
  2. Stand-In groom                                       Brockman, Suzanne
  3. Unstoppable                                            Brockman, Suzanne
  4. The house i loved                                    Rosney, Tatiana de
  5. Miles to go                                               Evans, Richard Paul
  6. Not in the heart                                       Fabry, Chris
  7. Water Bound                                            Feehan, Christine
  8. Until the Next Time                                  Fox, Kevin
  9. Secrets of an accidental duchess            Haymore, Jennifer
  10. Rainshadow road                                      Kleypas, Lisa
  11. The edge of desire                                   Laurens, Stephanie
  12. The Revenge of Lord Eberlin                    London, Julia
  13. Cain at Gettysburg                                   Peters, Ralph
  14. The lucky one                                          Sparks, Nicholas
  15. The Scent of Cherry Blossoms                 Woodsmall, Cindy
  16. Voodoo River                                           Crais, Robert
  17. The Viognier Vendetta                             Crosby, Ellen
  18. Devious :  a Bentz and Montoya novel     Jackson, Lisa
  19. Left for dead                                            Jance, J. A.
  20. Trial by fire                                               Jance, J. A.
  21. A sea of troubles : a Commissario Guido Brunetti mystery    Leon, Donna
  22. Fury of Fire                                               Callahan, Coreene
  23. The Helios Conspiracy                              DeFelice, Jim
  24. Kill shot                                                    Flynn, Vince
  25. Catch me                                                 Gardner, Lisa
  26. Down the darkest road                            Hoag, Tami
  27. Victims : [an Alex Delaware novel]           Kellerman, Jonathan
  28. 77 Shadow Street                                    Koontz, Dean
  29. Kill me if you can                                      Patterson, James
  30. Private games                                          Patterson, James
  31. The Darkening Field                                 Ryan, William