2014 Winter Olympic Monopoly Read

Welcome once again to the Harmony Public Library’s Hot Reads for Cold Nights Winter Reading Program.  We are doing an Olympic Themed Monopoly Game this year.  Come into the library to get your monopoly board and start reading those books.   HEre are the rules for our Fantasy Winter Olympics and the Olympic Monopoly Read:

Fantasy Olympics Rules

  1. You can choose one athlete/team per sport event.  You are not limited to a specific country.
  2. Fill out your roster and submit it to the Harmony Public Library before (12:00 noon on) Friday, Feb. 7th, 2014.  NO changes will be allowed after the Olympics begin.
  3. Choose one country to serve as a tie-breaker.  If there is a tie at the end of the Fantasy games, the person whose country won the most medals overall, will win the Fantasy games.
  4. The following point system will be used:
    1. Gold Medal = 3 points
    2. Silver Medal = 2 points
    3. Bronze Medal = 1 point
    4. Total possible points = 282.

Rules for the Olympic Reads

  1. There will be a medal/prize for the most books read in each of the following genres/sports discipline:
    1. Romance/Figure Skating
    2. Christian Fiction/Speed Skating
    3. History/Ice Hockey
    4. Mystery/Curling
    5. Suspense/Bobsleigh
    6. General Fiction/Skiing
    7. Biography/Luge
    8. Western/Skeleton
    9. Science Fiction/Snowboarding
    10. Any 2 Genre Combination/Biathlon
    11. For the first book you read in each Monopoly Property (Yellow, Orange, etc.), you will get 3 points (same as for a gold medal).  The second book will be 2 points, and the third book and every book thereafter will be 1 point.
    12. For each chance you take, you will get 3 points for your first book, 2 points for your second book, and one point for your third book.  After three books, it is no longer taking a chance.
    13. There will also be prizes given out for the following:
      1. Matching points in Fantasy Olympics and Olympic Monopoly Reads.
      2. Reading a book in each Sport Discipline/Genre.
      3. Reading the most books overall.
      4. Grand prize for the most points awarded.
      5. Prize for taking every chance on the Monopoly Board.
      6. Prize for filling up the Monopoly Board completely.
      7. Prize for Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in Fantasy Olympics.
      8. Prize for Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in the Olympic Monopoly Reads.
      9. Prize for writing 5 book reviews to be printed in the paper.

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