General Use Policy

Harmony Public Library

General Library Use Policies

Mission Statement:

The Harmony Public Library will provide access to various types of materials as well as programs and services that meet the educational and recreational needs of the community.

Use of the Library:

The Library will serve all residents of the community, the county and the State of Minnesota. Service will not be denied or abridged because of religious, racial, social, economic, political status or sexual orientation. Persons residing outside the city limits but owning property in the city shall be considered residents because they support the Library through their property taxes. Residents of other Fillmore County cities which tax for library service shall also be considered residents for statistical purposes. Those living in other areas of the County shall be considered rural residents for statistical purposes, because they support library service through rural property taxes under the SELCO contract.

Residents of Iowa and other neighboring states are considered non-residents unless covered by a reciprocal agreement with Minnesota, and will be issued library cards following SELCO’s Non-Residents Policy.

All SELCO residents are entered in the regional automated database, and must not be issued a duplicate card. Materials may be borrowed from any SELCO member library and returned to any other library.

Use of the Library or its services may be limited if excessive demands for staff time, materials, computer access, or space are made by groups or individuals which could curtail or prohibit service to other patrons.

Cooperation with Other Libraries

The Library Board recognizes that no single library can meet all the demands of its community. The Harmony Public Library Board reaffirms its commitment as a member of the SELCO/SELS Regional Library System, and as such will continue to cooperate with the regional staff and its member libraries. The Library has also been active in the cooperative activities of the libraries of Fillmore County, and re-affirms continued participation in the events and spirit of sharing within that group.

Physical Facilities

The Library Board accepts the responsibility to see that Library facilities are provided which will adequately meet the needs of modern, aggressive, technologically up-to-date library service. Such facilities will offer to the community a compelling invitation to enter, read, look, listen and learn in an expanding program of patron services. The facilities will be comfortable and will have areas planned for varied uses, from quiet study to computer use, browsing, and small meetings. All areas of the Library will be handicapped accessible.

The Board accepts the responsibility to secure the funds for such facilities.

Public Relations

The Library Board recognizes that public relations involve every person who has any connection with the Library, and that each Board and staff member represents the Library in every personal contact. Good service supports good public relations.

The Library Director, assisted by local newspaper staff and any other forthcoming volunteers, will provide ongoing communication to the staff, Board, city council, patrons and public on programs, progress, new materials and other items of interest. The Harmony Public Library Board and staff will work with other Fillmore County Library Boards and staff and SELCO staff to lobby for funding support for the library from the Fillmore County Commissioners.

Patron Grievance Procedure

Patron Grievances should be presented first in writing to the Librarian, using the library’s form (copy attached). If the matter cannot be resolved to the patron’s satisfaction, then he or she will be asked to present the grievance directly to the Library Board at its next scheduled meeting. The decision of the Board shall be final.