Circulation Policy

Harmony Public Library

Circulation Policy

Mission Statement of the Harmony Public Library

The Harmony Public Library will provide access to various types of materials as well as programs and services that meet the educational and recreational needs of the community.

Circulation of Materials

It is the policy of the Harmony Public Library to circulate the materials owned by the library to its patrons for their enjoyment. The material in the reference section and materials of historic importance do not circulate due to either high information need or it is irreplaceable.

The following is the guide for circulating the materials owned by the library:

  • The loan period for books in all formats shall be three weeks (21 days). One renewal of an additional three weeks (21 days) will be allowed unless there are holds on the item.
  • Reference materials and rare books will not leave the Library under any circumstances.
  • New issues of magazines and newspapers will not be circulated until the next issue replaces them. Older issues may circulate for three weeks (21 days). The Library staff may checkout current periodicals/newspapers overnight. The materials may not be checked out until the closing of the library that day and must be returned by the opening of the next day the library is open. (Approved on July 9th 2012)
  • Pamphlets and Vertical File materials shall not leave the library, except with special permission from the librarian.
  • The loan period for DVDs shall be one week (7 days). One renewal of an additional week (7 days) will be allowed unless there are holds on the item. There will be a limit of 4 videos per card.
  • Any equipment owned by the library shall be checked out for one week.
  • Notices will be sent out for overdue materials after they have been overdue for one week. If after one month, the material has not been returned, the material will be assumed lost and the patron will be charged the replacement cost of the material Should the material be returned after it is assumed lost, the patrons file shall be cleared of any fine for lost materials.