Chromebook Use Policy

Harmony Public Library

Chromebook Use Policy

All aspects of the Harmony Public Library Internet Use Policy also apply to the Chromebooks loaned out for in-library use.

All users must read and sign the Harmony Public Library Chromebook User’s Agreement. A note will be placed on their record indicating the date the form was completed.

The user must be at least 15 years of age and have a library card that is in good standing. The user must leave a valid Driver’s License (or Photo ID) at the circulation desk while using the Chromebook.

The Chromebook can be used in the library only. Removal of the Chromebook from the library will be considered theft.

The Chromebook will be available, one per user per day, on a first-come, first-serve basis and cannot be reserved, except for library purposes, i.e. use for library board meeting, workshops, story hour, etc.

The Chromebook can be checked out for up to 2 hours with no renewals.

Chromebooks should never be left unattended. Chromebooks that Library staff find unattended will be immediately returned to the circulation desk ready for the next user. If you should need to leave it for a short period and wish to come back, bring it to the circulation desk and ask a staff member to keep it while you are gone.

The Chromebook must be returned to a staff member, not left on the circulation desk, when user’s time is expired.

The user to whom the Chromebook is checked out to will be responsible for any loss or damage that occurs before it is returned to library staff. The user will be liable for an amount up to the full replacement cost if the Chromebook is damaged, lost or stolen.

It is the responsibility of the user to bring their own USB flash drive to store their data.

Chromebooks must be returned within 15 minutes of the Library closing. Any Chromebook not returned will be considered lost/stolen and the user will be billed for the full replacement fee.

Library Staff may suspend or terminate Chromebook privileges if user violates Library rules or policies, or if the user fails to use the Chromebook in a responsible manner.

Please Provide the following Information for check-out of a Chromebook:

Full Name (Last, First, Middle Initial):_____________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: _______________________________________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________Cell: ____________________________________

Email: ______________________________________________________________________________

Library Card Number: _________________________________________________________________

Driver’s License Number: ______________________________________________________________

I accept full responsibility for the Chromebook and any accessories that I am borrowing. I understand that I am responsible for the costs of repairing (parts and labor costs) or replacing this Chromebook, components, and accessories if they are damaged, lost, or stolen while it is checked out to me.

By signing this agreement, I verify that I have read and understand the Harmony Public Library Chromebook Loan Agreement and I agree to abide by the policies of this agreement and HPL’s Computer and Internet Use Policy.

Signed: _________________________________________________________Date:________________

Staff Initials: _________________